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 established 2003
Clyde is currently updating his blog and he will be publishing it soon. New look blogs coming soon.

I’ve been here at Bluebell Barn now for nearly 6 months and have consequently experienced their family Christmas – yikes! There were so many people and so much food and nobody bothered to share any with me – how does that work? The best thing about it was on Christmas day my best friend Indie came to play, we were really well behaved and didn’t get told off once, despite running up and down the stairs several times! Then on Boxing Day, I got to play with loads of children and they got worn out before I did – aren’t I cool? 

We went on holiday for a couple of days over the New Year – don’t know what’s new about it – and we stayed by the sea. They told me we were going for a rest, I didn’t see much resting going on, they walked my little paws off! Then when we came back, we had even more snow, I really like that stuff, it goes everywhere. 

I started at new classes a few weeks ago, there’s always something to do. The lady there is always telling me how handsome I am – all the girls love me, of course! 

Apparently I’ve just developed my ‘Clyde switch’ when we go shopping, not entirely sure what that is but I get lots of praise, so I’m not complaining. I hear them mentioning about beginning to know what I’m doing and being very positive with my lefts and rights – well I could’ve told them that, but they didn’t ask, did they? 

This Clyde seems to be a bit of a goody two shoes, apparently he’s passed some test or another and he’s the first of our kind to do it – big deal – if he can do it, so can I, when’s it my turn? 

Must go now, the rugby’s on. 

Ta ta! 



Hi, I'm Clyde. 

I have now gone off to 'big boy school' and am learning lots of new things and seeing lots of new things too. 

I'm not living with my mum and dad anymore but I'm told will be able to see them on the odd occasion when I've finished with this 'school' thing. 

Anyway, take a look and see where I grew up, its a fun place and I got to see lots of visitors. It seems to be a holiday place for humans. To see where I lived please click HERE. 

I'm terribly busy now but will try and pop in so my fans know what I'm getting up to. 
Licks and Wags 

Clyde aka Tin Ribs 

Hi fans, 

Guess what? I've graduated! Yes, I'm the very first fully trained and employed Pathfinder guide dog! Yes folks, I've made history. 

I've not written for a while as I've been working very hard at learning how to guide a human. Lots of studying and stuff not just book learning but actual paws on experience. So much to remember! I also have to use my initiative at times and weigh up tricky situations and problem solving, like when somebody leaves clutter on the pavement and I have to tell my handler that I'll take him into the road briefly to get around it. 

Now I've passed all the tests, I've got my very own handler to guide around. I've also got a smart new purple harness so that people know I'm a Pathfinder Dog. I was a bit worried when they told me I'd be moving to Wales. I've spent a lot of time learning English and I don't know much Welsh. My handler is English though so no problem there. He's been trained too. He only had to do a few weeks and I did eight months! I guess I have the harder job as I'm the leader plus he had me to help him through his training. That must have made it much easier! 

My sister, Bonnie, came to watch us do the final exam but she wasn't allowed to chat in case I told her any secrets about passing all the tests. 

Now I'm busy learning lots of new routes and getting to grips with walking in the country as well as in towns. Yes it's a dog's life being a professional in the modern Pathfinder Dogs service!